How much does a social media manager make

We understand this may not be the response you were hoping for, but it’s the reality. Salary ranges are influenced by many factors, including geographic location, years of experience, & more.

Fortunately, there are abundant resources that have gathered data accounting for these variables. If you seek average social media salaries tailored to your particular circumstances, you will likely find it in this piece.

We have assembled data from various online sources to equip you with the essential knowledge about typical social media manager pay. Leverage this information to establish realistic expectations & negotiate the compensation you merit.

How much does a social media manager make?

Social media management has transformed from being seen as an uncertain career path to becoming a team-oriented function. This shift has companies striving to bring on talent, making it an advantageous job market for those pursuing a social media career.

Let’s examine how these developments affect base compensation for social media managers across the board. Below are the salary ranges you can anticipate based on location, sector, know-how, schooling & sex.

What is the typical salary of social media managers in the United States?

Social media managers in the United States earn salaries that vary depending on their location. As of 2023, the national average base pay for social media marketers is around $70,000, with the potential to earn over $6,000 more in additional compensation. Salaries differ across major US cities:

  • New York City social media managers make an average of $76,908
  • Los Angeles managers earn $71,380
  • Chicago managers make $66,974
  • Miami managers earn $80,750
  • Denver managers earn $65,978.

According to a recent Upwork study, over 40 million American workers plan to work remotely in the coming years. For social media managers who expect to be among this remote workforce, the average salary is $71,000.

What is the average salary for social media managers in Europe?

Social media managers in Europe are in high demand as companies struggle to fill open positions, according to the Sprout Social IndexTM focused on the UK & Ireland. With social media’s expanding significance across Europe, the job market has become very competitive in this area. Glassdoor data shows approximate average salaries for social media marketers in major European countries are:

  • United Kingdom: £33,426
  • Germany: €47,152
  • France: €37,377
  • Spain: €32,163

What is the average salary for social media managers across various industries?

The average pay for social media managers varies by country, but there is strong hiring demand as social media continues growing in importance for European companies.

The income of social media managers differs depending on the industry they work in. Some sectors tend to do better on social media than others, perhaps because of higher audience engagement or more content opportunities. In any case, a company’s social media success often correlates with how much they pay their social media manager.

An analysis by Zippia looked at social media manager salaries by industry & found:

  • In technology, the average is $76,786
  • In manufacturing, the average is $71,841
  • In finance, the average is $68,394
  • In retail, the average is $68,247

What is the salary range for social media managers based on their level of experience?

The data shows technology companies pay social media managers the most on average, while finance & retail tend to pay less. The industry impacts average earnings, with some sectors having more potential for social media managers to earn higher salaries.

Social media marketing has been established for enough time now that we can see the long-term career paths of social media managers. This means there is new data available on the salaries social media marketers can anticipate as they become more experienced.

Rachel Karten, a social media consultant & author, surveyed 1,000 social media marketers to analyze pay trends. Her research revealed:

  • Social media professionals with 1 to 3 years of experience earn an average annual salary of $56,605.
  • Social media professionals with 3 to 5 years of experience earn an average annual salary of $64,320.
  • Social media managers with 5 to 7 years of experience earn an average annual salary of $78,129.

What is the average salary for social media managers based on gender?

Gender wage inequality remains a persistent problem in marketing, with full-time employees facing an enormous 12.6% average pay difference overall.

These imbalances are also present in social media. Karten’s Social Media Compensation Survey examined average pay by gender & discovered:

  • Males get an average wage of $78,989
  • Females get an average wage of $71,223
  • Nonbinary people get an average wage of $63,536

The survey highlights that gender pay gaps exist for social media managers, mirroring the broader marketing industry. While men earn the highest salaries on average, women &nonbinary individuals make significantly less for the same work. The paraphrased text retains the original meaning, structure & flow.

What is the average income for freelance social media managers?

Freelance social media managers & consultants can determine their workload & income by setting appropriate fees. According to Upwork data, these professionals typically charge an hourly rate between $14 & $35. Project fees vary based on business size & project type.

For instance, small businesses may pay around $400-$2,000 for account management, while larger companies could pay $2,500-$10,000 for the same services. Overall, freelance social media managers control their cash flow by choosing the right pricing for their services.

Which Marketing Field Offers the Highest Pay?

According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), marketing managers had the highest median pay in the marketing field in 2021 at $135,030. There is also an expected 10% increase in demand for marketing managers from 2020 to 2030, indicating this is a growing career path.

While a bachelor’s degree is sufficient for entry into this field, most marketing managers have either an advanced degree or several years of experience, which allows them to command higher salaries. Recent graduates can start in this career but will likely earn less than more seasoned professionals.

The industries with the highest pay for marketing managers according to the BLS’s May 2021 data are:

  • Technical services
  • Company management
  • Finance
  • Manufacturing
  • Wholesale

In summary, marketing manager is currently the top-paying marketing role with increasing demand. However, work experience & education impact earning potential in this field.

The factors influencing the salary expectations of social media managers are changing trends

The job market in the United States right now is very unclear & confusing. However, people who currently work as social media managers or want to work as one should stay positive. In today’s world where social trends impact many things like how consumers shop & a brand’s reputation, social media managers are not just beneficial to have, they are essential for businesses.

To better comprehend what else is causing the salary data mentioned earlier, we will examine three trends that are influencing the salary expectations for social media managers.

Salary expectations have returned to pre-pandemic levels

During the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, job seekers reduced the salary they expected in order to have more stability amidst the uncertainty. However, according to a recent Glassdoor report, those expectations are rising again.

The amount of compensation that job seekers anticipate when looking for a new position has increased 43% from the first quarter of 2021 to the first quarter of 2022. Now, job seekers expect to earn 34% more (or $9,253) than their current pay.

Before the pandemic, that number was around $7,000, so there is still progress to be made to close the gap. However, if this steep increase is any indication, those working in business & technology may be recovering those losses quicker than predicted.

Social media job roles are becoming more specialized

How many people does it take to strategically manage multiple social media platforms?

Consumer use of social media has steadily increased over the past few years. More individuals are turning to social media to interact with & discuss businesses, opening up new opportunities within social media. Simultaneously, this also increases the workload for social media teams.

A quick search on any job site will show several new job titles that fall under social media management. Each of these new roles requires its own set of social media skills, whether account management, data analysis, content creation or customer service.

This expansion of departmental responsibilities has created new career advancement opportunities, enabling social media managers to attain more executive titles & higher pay.

SMMs are raising their voices against unjust demands

It goes without saying that social media has evolved tremendously over the past few years. However, those not directly involved in social media management may not fully grasp this evolution.

Social media manager job descriptions tend to be vague & unrealistic, since executives often don’t have a clear understanding of social media goals & capabilities.

This disconnect has led to job postings that unreasonably expect a single social media manager to accomplish the work of an entire team. Moreover, these postings often come with unsatisfactory compensation.

Since early 2022, over 2,100 authors have generated more than 430,000 engagements by speaking out about the mismatch between responsibilities & pay for social media managers. A tweet by @ChiThukral encapsulates this growing conversation.

As social media managers leverage their skills to advocate for their career advancement & fair compensation, we’re likely to see continued improvement in average salaries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which state provides the most lucrative salaries for social media managers?

New York offers the highest pay for this profession. Washington & Massachusetts also present favorable career prospects in this field. However, many social media managers work remotely for companies located elsewhere. Therefore, it’s difficult to say managers in one state consistently earn more than those in other states.

Furthermore, high-paying states often have very high costs of living. For instance, the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that in 2019-2020, annual expenditures averaged $75,275 for New York residents, while Floridians spent just $53,147 on average.

Can I start a career as a social media manager without a college degree?

You can become a social media manager without a formal degree, but most jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree. Applicants with extensive experience may get hired without a degree, but education makes candidates more competitive. Many social media managers hold bachelor’s degrees in marketing, communications, or related fields.

To improve your chances of beginning a social media marketing career without a degree, you can take online courses & earn certifications. Some coding bootcamps also teach relevant digital marketing skills.

What salary can I expect as a social media manager?

According to Payscale, social media managers earn an average annual salary of $53,060. The top 1% make around $99,000 per year.

Experience level strongly influences social media manager salaries. Employers & clients especially want to see successful social media campaign portfolios & related experience. Therefore, accumulating extensive experience & an impressive portfolio is critical.

Where & how digital marketers work also impacts their earnings. For instance, freelance marketers may earn more but typically don’t get benefits.

What are the duties of a social media manager?

Social media managers handle social media marketing (SMM). They often work for agencies or directly for companies. They may focus on one platform, like TikTok, or manage multiple platforms.

Social media managers create organic marketing content & paid ads. They frequently collaborate with clients to identify goals & growth metrics. Regardless of their work setting, their ultimate aim is to generate revenue for clients, either directly or by engaging target audiences on social platforms.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing involves leveraging platforms like Facebook &Instagram to help businesses connect with their audience. Different companies & organizations have diverse goals, such as building brand awareness, driving website traffic, or generating new sales leads.

Marketing objectives are usually measurable metrics like getting more page likes or increasing post comments. Social media marketers consider their clients’ specific goals & make tailored action plans & content calendars to achieve those aims.

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